Explanation Of Insulation Resistance Too How To Mensurate It

How attain you lot mensurate the resistance of electrical cable insulation?, Measuring Resistance of Cable Insulations amongst Insulation Tester.

The value of the insulation resistance on an electrical conductor is an of import basic parameter together with shows the score of performance of the conductor, To deliver an electrical voltage from a mightiness source (power plant) to the side yesteryear side electricity network or to a charge or utilization of electrical equipment, a conductor is needed.

Given that electricity also has the potential gamble of brusk circuit if a unlike conductor has the potential to come upward into contact amongst other conductors, And also to avoid the gamble of electricity flowing through other objects, an insulator cloth is needed to protect a conductor from diverse disturbances that may occur.

Conductor (Conductor) is a cloth or substance, whether it is solid, gas, liquid, which tin lav endure properly passed or conducts voltage or electrical current.

Good electrical conductors are those that convey the smallest resistance.

Insulator is a cloth or substance, whether it is solid, liquid or gas that cannot or is hard to ship out the electrical accuse transfer.

Each conductive cable is equipped amongst an insulating cloth which aims to forestall the transfer of unwanted electrical charges, So that it tin lav travail interference amongst an electrical installation or fifty-fifty travail other to a greater extent than fatal risks.

Insulation Function:
  • Prevent the transfer of electricity from ii unlike types of conductors that are potentially different, which tin lav outcome inwards a brusk circuit.
  • Prevent the transfer of electricity from an conductor to the public resulting inwards loss / leakage of electrical current
  • Prevents the transfer of electricity from an conductor to some other object. such every bit the gamble of electrical cables existence touched yesteryear humans, province or other objects roughly them.
If the electrical conductor touched yesteryear humans volition outcome inwards electrical stupor that endangers human safety, If an electrical conductor is touched yesteryear some other object, it tin lav travail electrical leaks, sparks together with fires.

Why is at that spot an electricity network that doesn't utilization insulation?
Air is the best insulator
In add-on to the usual insulation cloth that covers a conductive cable, nosotros also convey a skilful insulating cloth to forestall the occurrence of electrical leaks, namely Air.

So that, on an electrical network installed inwards the air fifty-fifty though using a cable or conductor without electricity (without existence isolated), it yet remains isolated yesteryear air together with does non endanger us together with other objects.

Electrical conductive cables inwards an electrical installation, equipped amongst an insulating sheath which aims to forestall diverse disturbances together with other hazards.

How attain you lot know that Isolation of the mightiness cord is inwards skilful condition?

To notice out that electrical cable insulation is inwards skilful condition, together with serves to forestall electrical leakage, together with therefore each electrical insulation must convey a minimum resistance value of thou ohms multiplied yesteryear the cable's electrical voltage.

The minimum resistance value of isolation
Good insulation is determined yesteryear the value of the resistance. The greater the isolation resistance value the improve the isolation function, Therefore, it is necessary to examine together with mensurate each isolation of an electrical conductor, whether it yet has a skilful resistance value or not.

The value of insulation resistance on a cable or electrical conductor has a minimum value, namely:
1000 ohms x Voltage.

If an electrical conductor is insulated, the electricity voltage is 380 volts, together with therefore the minimum insulation resistance value is: thou ohms x 380 volts = 380,000 ohms (380 kilo ohms)

The Importance of Insulation Tests
Why attain you lot ask to assay out the resistance value or Insulation assay out on an electrical conductive cable?

Measurement of cable insulation resistance needs to endure done, because:
  • The insulation resistance value of an electrical conductive cable is the almost basic electrical performance parameter
  • Cables that convey insulation amongst a resistance value below the minimum value, volition travail diverse electrical disturbances, such every bit leakage of electrical current, brusk circuit (short circuit), burn together with fifty-fifty other fatal accidents
  • Therefore, it is necessary to assay out / mensurate isolation resistance values, together with attain it regularly.

Explanation of insulation resistance together with how to mensurate it

How attain you lot mensurate the resistance of electrical cable insulation Explanation of insulation resistance together with how to mensurate it
Illustration of Insulation Resistance
How attain you lot mensurate the resistance of electrical cable insulation?

Method of measuring insulation (Insulation Test)
Testing of insulation resistance is something that must endure done to decide the score of degradation of the resistance capability of an isolation system.

The method or method commonly used to ship out this isolation assay out is to render a voltage that has a higher value than the voltage that usually flows through the conductor.

Before measurements, Ensure the Condition of the Cable to endure measured:
  • Make sure enough the mightiness source has been disconnected (Off)
  • Disconnect the cable from the in conclusion or connection.
  • Separate cables i yesteryear one.
  • Make sure enough the cable to endure measured is non inwards contact amongst other material.

The causes of the turn down inwards isolation resistance values
Resistance values ​​or insulation resistance of an electrical conductor volition decrease over time, depending on environmental conditions, humidity, humidity, dust, temperature, water, pressure level disturbances, together with other factors.

Therefore it is necessary to attain periodic testing. Failure of the insulation resistance value is indicated yesteryear an electrical electric flow leak.

Electric electrical flow leak
Each isolation has an electrical leakage rate, depending on the insulation resistance value, the greater the resistance value or isolation resistance, the smaller the electrical flow leakage value volition occur, High voltage produces electrical flow through the insulation.

The total of leakage electrical flow on the mightiness cord depends on:
  • Voltage applied
  • System capacitance
  • Total resistance value
  • Material temperature

Three types of electrical flow leaks, including:
  1. Polarization Absorption Leak (IA)
  2. Conductive Leaks (IL)
  3. Capacitive Charging Leaks (IC)

Polarization Absorption Leak (IA)
Polarized cloth molecules inwards the dielectric meterial
Low capacitive, high electrical flow for a few seconds together with therefore drops to zero
High capacitive, high electrical flow for a long fourth dimension together with therefore drops to a sure enough value (not zero) for a long time, perhaps non fifty-fifty down.

Conductive Leaks (IL)
Normal currents that flow through isolation
Increases every bit the mightiness to isolate decreases together with this is the almost important

Capacitive charging leak (IC)
Conductors that are isolated together with unopen together deed similar capacitors.

The electrical flow absorbed
  • The absorbed electrical flow depends on the insulator cloth used, some insulating materials convey molecules that volition react to the stress champaign exposure.
  • When compared to the charging / capacitive current, this absorbed electrical flow is slower.
  • The outcome of the charging electrical flow together with electrical flow is absorbed inwards the measuring amongst an analog insulation tester:
"The maximum charging electrical flow (isolation resistance = small) at the outset of the assay out together with piece of cake going downward (insulation resistance = large) until a sure enough fourth dimension is replaced yesteryear the absorbed current".

Leakage current
  • Current leakage indicates a electrical flow leak that occurs inwards the insulator together with this leakage is constant.
  • This electrical flow occurs if the charging together with absorbing electrical flow has occurred.
  • If the insulator is dominated yesteryear these components, the readings on the insulation tester volition endure stable together with testing tin lav endure completed inwards a brusk time.

Surface leakage
  • This surface leakage usually occurs inwards high resistance measurements, together with this surface electrical flow leakage is an fault for measuring results.

The voltage commonly used for testing Insulation Test values

Voltage test

DAR together with PI
  1. Insulation Resistance Test (IR) is the basic matter to decide the character of insulation.
  2. When equipment is inwards an surroundings that has high contamination or wet levels it is recommended to deport Dielectric Adsorption Ratio (DAR) together with Polarization Index (PI) testing.
  3. DAR together with PI are IR testing applications inwards a longer fourth dimension span

Insulation Tester
Testing the value of insulation resistance (Insulation test), tin lav endure done using a exceptional measuring musical instrument insulation or Insulation Tester, or also commonly called a Megger (Mega Ohm Meter).

The working regulation of this measuring musical instrument is to render a voltage value that is greater than the value of the operational voltage / used (which flows) the conductor. together with converted into the results of the resistance value (Ohm).

Working regulation of the megger or insulation tester

The greater voltage applied to conductor, the greater the breakdown voltage or leakage electrical flow that occurs inwards Isolation.

However, it should endure noted, when an insulated conductive cable is passed yesteryear a measuring voltage that has a voltage value that exceeds the cable electrical conductivity capability, it tin lav travail harm to the cable insulation quality, together with therefore this voltage is given entirely momentarily together with express yesteryear the smallest possible leakage electrical flow .

Various types together with brands of insulation measuring devices (Insulation Tester or Mega ohms Meter) that nosotros tin lav use, One of the diverse Insulation Tester tools that convey sufficient skilful protection are:

Fluke 1555/1550 Insulation Resistance Tester - Insulation Resistance Tester.

Quoted from Fluke Insulation tester (PT. Siwali Swantika), together with diverse other sources
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